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Brown corundum
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Brown corundum discription  
Brown corundum is bauxite, carbon materials, iron filings in the three kinds of raw material through the melting furnace to restore the system obtained brown artificial corundum, and are thus brown corundum. Brown Fused Alumina is the main chemical ingredient AL2O3, its content is 94.5% 1 97%, and the other containing a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on. Corundum because of its high hardness, toughness is good, more used as a grinding material, which is one of the most basic abrasive. Applicable to carbon steel, malleable iron and hard bronze etc. grinding. In addition, in refractory materials, chemical additives, precision casting and anti-slip material also has wider application.


Brown corundum function
1 as there is high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength properties, it poured with steel sliding gate, smelting rare metals, special alloys, ceramics, iron-smelting furnace of the lining (walls and tubes); physical and chemical containers , spark plugs, heat-resistant anti-oxidation coating.
2 due to high hardness, wear resistance, high strength characteristics, in the chemical system, used for a variety of reaction vessels and pipelines, chemical pump parts; to do mechanical parts, various molds, such as the Roberts mold, extrusion die nozzle pencil lead, etc.; do tool, die grinding, bullet-proof material, the human body joints, sealing ring mold.
3 corundum insulating materials, such as lightweight corundum brick, corundum hollow ball and fiber products, widely used in a variety of high-temperature kiln furnace walls and roof, both high-temperature insulation again.


Brown corundum characteristics
1. High purity,
2. Good crystalline liquidity,
3. Low coefficient of linear expansion,
4. Corrosion-resistant and other characteristics.


Brown corundum technical Data  


Product Name

First Grade Brown Corundum

Second Grade Brown Corundum

Third Grade Corundum
























3. 5 g/cm3


Packaging of Brown corundum

    Brown corundum is avaiable in ton-jumbo bag. Other packaging is according to customer’s requriement.

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